Edward Conlon
Blue Blood
About The Book

Blue Blood is an work of nonfiction about what it means to protect, to serve, and to defend among the ranks of New York's finest. Edward Conlon is fourth generation NYPD - and the story he tells is an anecdotal history of New York through its police force, and depicts a portrait of the teeming street life of the city in all its horror and splendor. It is a story about fathers and sons, partners who become brothers, old ghosts and undying legacies. Here you will see terms like loyalty, commitment, and honor come to life, in action, on a daily basis. Conlon depicts his life on the force - from his first days walking a beat in the South Bronx, to his ascent to detective." The book opens with Conlon's first day on patrol, but in fact his story begins in the time of his great-grandfather, an officer of dubious integrity who participated in the corruption that marked the Tammany-era NYPD as a corps in need of reform; it continues through the experience of Conlon's father, a World War II officer who left the ranks of the NYPD to become an FBI agent, and the years of his uncle, an old-fashioned, easygoing career cop, who stayed in uniform throughout the political upheavals and corrections of the 1960s and 1970s. Conlon joined the NYPD during the Giuliani administration, when New York City saw its crime rate plummet but also witnessed events that would alter the city and its inhabitants, and its police force, forever: polarizing racial cases, the proliferation of the drug trade, and the events of September 11, 2001, and its aftermath. Conlon captures the detail of the landscape, the ironies and rhythms of natural speech, the tragic and the marvelous, firsthand, day after day.

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Praise for Blue Blood
"Superb. The most stunning memoir ever written about the cop world." —Joseph Wambaugh

"Crackling sharp - and utterly compelling." -- Kirkus Reviews, starred review, February 15, 2004
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"...Det. Ed Conlon sets the bar for the true crime procedural and the cop memoir genres impossibly, unreachably high..." -- Anthony Bourdain

"...a marvelous history of the force enriched by a deeply personal account..." -- Elle, April 2004

"...an eloquently written piece of nonfiction that reads like a novel." -- Library Journal, starred review, April 1, 2004

"...combines the efficiency of a police blotter with the melancholy of a street poet." -- Details, April 2004

"Blue Blood is real, authentic, true. Beautiful and inspiring, terrifying and heartbreaking. It is a great book." -- James Frey, author of A Million Little Pieces

"Blue Blood is the most stunning memoir ever written about the cop world.... You will never forget this superb book." -- Joseph Wambaugh

"Growing up...my father admonished his kids to respect the police. This superb book reminds us why." -- Ken Auletta

"[Conlon] admits us into a fascinating and frightening world that is never far from our own doorstep." -- Bookpage, April 2004